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Fantasy Hardpoint

Welcome to the Fantasy Hardpoint - the official follow up to the now defunct Oriental Hardpoint and brother site to the (non d20) CORE Hardpoint (go Dreampod 9!). This site is dedicated to d20 in its full fantasy beauty. There will be the usual mix of monsters, maps, adventures, and magic items. There will be wizard and clerical spells, prestige classes, and templates. All this was made for my game at home (which uses the setting described in Monte Cook's fabulous Book of Eldritch Might III - the Nexus) and you can feel free to use it for your games as well. Of course all of it is open game content but I hope to hear from those who use my stuff - I am always happy to get some kind of feedback.

  • Player Info contains all information cleared for players, i.e. new spells, feats etc.
  • The DM Info section contains NPCs, adventures, and locations.
  • If you are looking for Maps, then look in the section of the same name.

April 18th, 2004 ADAlas, not much time to produce new stuff for the web site. There is some new stuff but my group does not advance very fast at the moment, being stuck in Amorina.
February 16th, 2004 ADJust some minor updates here and there. My players are moving slow and thus there is not much to do.
December 29th, 2003 ADMerry Christmas to everyone. Now that the festival celebrating the virtues of Amorax is over, I thought I might as well put up some of them updates. There is a new adventure and some other stuff. You might like my mass combat system, which is far more abstract, keeping wargaming out of D&D, yet still allowing you to have epic battles with the PCs at the helm. Also, I have a new hardpoint, you might want to look at if d20 is not the only thing you enjoy... CORE Hardpoint
September 22nd, 2003 ADOK, some major updates here. There is new stuff for players (e.g. divination spells, info about mundane but legendary treasure in the book of Requinas), the Book of Beholderkin in the DM's section and some other updates you might like. BTW, some guys from Israel plan to translate some of my stuff. I am sure looking forward to that. Cheers, D. Rachen
July 14th, 2003 ADWow, time is flying by. I updated my arcane spells in the player's section (i.e. Joy of Necromancy and Joy of Conjuration) and created a new location (the Flesh Fortress as described in the DM Section). There are also some new NPCs. Hope you enjoy it.
June 6th, 2003 ADHello friends, some more artwork (in the player's section), a new location (Ironheart), and some maps are new this time.
May 17th, 2003 ADHi guys, a new adventure (Nexus 2) is up. Also, the Church of Amorax and Joy of Necromancy have been updated, some maps been made and a cover for the player's guide provided.
April 19th, 2003 ADA small update, most notably more information on the church of Amorax, allowing PCs to have a more 'tailored' cleric with unique outsiders to summon and a new domain.
April 11th, 2003 AD300 people have visited this site so far. Kinda ok, I guess. Anyway, I have put some updates on the site and am currently working on the next adventure which takes place in a weird aquatic setting (I love that stuff!). A bientot!
March 13th, 2003 ADOK, the first update brings you an adventure and some DM material. Hope it is useful for you guys.
March 7th, 2003 ADThe Fantasy Hardpoint has opened its gates - so far there are only maps. But after I have finished the first adventure with my party, I will post more and more material here. Enjoy!

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